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The Epilogues, Kiven (CD RELEASE)

Wed, February 19, 2014

8:00 pm

Los Globos - Indie/Dance

Los Angeles, California

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 19 and over

Since the 2010 release of their first full length album Into the Roaring,
Night Riots haven't looked back. Rolling Stone magazine dubbed
them "One of the top 16 unsigned bands in the North America," MTV
has aired the singles "Some Nights" and "Chase the Sky" (at one
time "Some Nights" was the fourth most viewed video on
and MTV Buzzworthy called Night Riots "One of the most critically
overlooked bands of 2012."

Sonically Night Riots have been likened to a modern day Cure and
have been compared to bands such as U2, The Flaming Lips and Gaslight Anthem
without being overly derivative of any particular act. Unlike the rest of
the members, vocalist Travis Hawley
was born inthe United Arab Emirates and lived in England for five
years before moving to the U.S. His vocal style has often been compared
to emotive European artists such as Robert Smith, Bono, and Danny

"We've been friends since highschool, the guys and I grew up in a small
coastal Californian town with only one street light." says vocalist Travis Hawley
about the band which also features guitarist Nick Fotinakes, bassist Mikel van
Kranenburg, guitarist Matt DePauw and drummer Rico Rodriguez.
Having moved on from their small town roots, Night Riots have since
shared the stage with artists like Angels and Airwaves, Aerosmith,
The Script, Youngblood Hawke, Shiny Toy Guns and many other
bands throughout their U.S. touring expeditions.

Night Riots just released a brand new EP entitled || YOUNG LORE|| on July 30th 2013.
The Epilogues
The Epilogues
The Epilogues- Chris Heckman (vocals/guitar), Nate Hammond (keys), Jason Hoke (drums), and Jeff Swoboda (bass)- are a commanding indie/synth/rock outfit hailing from Denver, Colorado. Combining pristine melodies, meaningful lyrics, and dynamic keyboards, the band delivers polished and danceworthy tunes that carry a kick. After their hit single "Hunting Season" became a staple on the radio in their hometown, The Epilogues gained explosive momentum with dazzling live shows, popular headlining tours, and enchanting music videos. From SXSW in Austin to The Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, and CMJ in New York City the band has played with a plethora of incredible acts and taken the stage at some of the most exciting events across the country. The passionate urgency with which they play each show leaves fans both elated and yearning for more. This must-see band possesses all the right elements to ensure their continuing success.
What once started as a bedroom after school project in 2009 has now evolved into the powerful Los Angeles rock quartet, Kiven. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Demorest alongside guitarist, Danny Schnair, met while attending a music workshop in Los Angeles, California. The two began writing material with fellow hometown friends and musicians, only shortly before acquiring bass player, Matt Cohen, in the Spring of that year. The contrasting, yet complimenting musical perspectives and chemistry was felt immediately and it was that summer that they spent writing a collection of material that what would later be condensed into the 2010 debut EP, Two In The Same.

As the members continued to mature as individuals, the linear growth in the music was clearer than ever. Kiven is a band that writes their music to reflect the occurrences and situations that surround them at that place in time. In the year or so following the release of Two In The Same, Demorest, Schnair, and Cohen had been balancing countless long nights and hours after class to work on their music, while also being on the brink of finishing their studies and moving on to their next endeavors. In March of 2012, the band released their follow up STEP EP that would represent the member's forward moving journey in music and life. It was from that EP that tracks like "Release" and "The Blur Ensues" began to receive online attention and premieres from ArtistDirect, Absolute Punk, Grooveshark, and a number of other tastemaker websites. With the momentum building from a number of sold out shows in the Los Angeles and Southern California area, Kiven continued to write truly genuine music.

Since Kiven's founding, there had been drummers that had come and go, but it wasn't until the Spring of 2012 that good friend and drummer, Jake Reed, began rehearsing with the group. Reed brought, yet again, a complex and contrasting dynamic to Kiven. After the first run through, a spark of assurance and excitement was felt throughout the room. Without necessarily intending to do so, the now solidified foursome naturally began experimenting past material, as well as new. As a result, the 1840 EP was released in late 2012 with the lead single "Hope & Smoke" being premiered on Indie Shuffle, and went on to receive significant attention online and at college radio. 1840 was released as an ongoing transitional piece that reflects Kiven's continuing musical and personal growth.

Following the release of 1840, Kiven began to receive national and international attention that would catapult them into a busy year of writing and traveling the country playing shows. In October 2012, Kiven made their first trip across the US to perform at CMJ in New York City. The performances later were named as the #2 "Great Indie Discovery" of CMJ 2012 by Entertainment Weekly. Several months later, Kiven appeared in Austin, TX as part SXSW 2013, upon completion of their first US Tour.

Now in 2013, Kiven finds themselves eager and anxious to take the leap. The majority of the year has been spent writing and recording brand new material, all of which took place in the late hours of the night. The soon to be released material is undoubtedly the group's latest and strongest efforts to date. The album, which is yet to be named, was recorded at East West Studios and Pie Town at MixLA and is set for a late 2013/early 2014 release.

While their musical influences have undoubtedly come from a wide array of musical and artistic spectrums, this quartet ultimately blends together to create the band's unique and personal sound. Kiven's music is a culmination of musicianship, individuality and represents the balance of passion verses the necessities of modern life.
Venue Information:
Los Globos - Indie/Dance
3040 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, California, 90026