ASTERISM Live in LA – Tickets – Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA – March 24th, 2019



Los Globos
All Ages
Los Globos is proud to welcome Asterism to Sunset BLVD on their first World Tour!

In the meaning of "ASTERISM = star group", I want to become a shining aggregate (band) that each glowing star gathers, because of the desire to express music by three people more than ever.

We met at the Yamaha group sponsored music contest The 8th Music Revolution held in 2014, and we are enthusiastic. An unprecedented instrument band was born. After telling the impression that the three people first saw each other "I felt that I finally met my friends who can share music at the same level in the same generation."

The charm of ASTERISM is in the stage of a masterpiece where passion for music is spreading, spreading skill skill which can not imagine from its appearance. That refreshing performance unexpectedly pulls up a fist even adults.

Under the concept of "battle music" (battle / battle music), the three persons polish techniques by training, playing to hit each other's sounds. Everyone has a desire to be "courage" for fighting (fighting) their work a little at the moment of fighting (fighting) something or in the scene.

As videos posted on Facebook become topical and explosive cognition is spreading, Booty Collins of James Brown 's band "JB'S" shares the video with his own FB and "I found the best band in Japan this year! "From the introduction that further spurs, the in-page movie" 155 "touched the eyes of 15 million people, and is still being diffused.

From 2017 Tokuma Japan Communications depute major debut at 5 TRACKS ALBUM "The Session Vol. 1".

Even now, it continues to send out its own style such as live distribution and video content up to the world centering on Facebook, attracting attention from home and abroad.

Venue Information:
Los Globos
3040 Sunset BLVD
Los Angeles, CA, 90026