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Witchaven, Malleus, Old Coven

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

8:00 pm

Los Globos - Indie/Dance


This event is 18 and over

Formed in Medellín, Colombia in the early 90s by drummer "Witchhammer" (Hugo Uribe) and guitarist/vocalist "Ripper" (Carlos Uribe).

As they were influenced by 80s heavy and thrash metal the brothers decided to leave the death metal band, "Dark Millennium," that they were members of at the time and form a new group. Initially the group was made up of just the two brothers providing guitars, vocals and drums, and they made no recordings until 1997.

In 1997 they released their first demo, "The First Necromancy", which was recorded without bass. The following year a second demo "Turn In Your Graves" was recorded the same way, but due to economic problems, it was never released.

Sometime after this their song "Metal Mania" was featured on a compilation of local metal bands called "To Meet The Storm."

In 2000 they were contacted by Colombia's Malignant Productions who released a vinyl mini-album entitled Witching Metal, limited to 500 copies. At around the same time Darkmoon (4) was recruited as a full time bassist and was included in the recording sessions for "Witching Metal". The following year Hell Attacks Productions signed the band to release their debut full length album Sorceress Bitch on CD.

Late in 2002, Darkmoon (4) was fired from the band and soon replaced by Edison Gil (AKA Enforcer).

In 2004 "Desecration Of Evil" from "Turn In Your Graves" was featured on "Ataque demoniáco Vol. 1" a compilation issued on vinyl released by the South American label "Dark Desires Productions" and the French label Ordealis Records licensed Sorceress Bitch from Hell Attacks Productions.

In 2005 the band founded their own label Dirty Sound Records. One of the first actions of the label was to purchase the rights to Witching Metal from Malignant Productions and reissue it on CD. Additionally the North American label Utterly Somber Creations licensed Sorceress Bitch from Hell Attacks Productions and released a picture disc version which featured "Metal Mania" as a bonus track. Following this the Japanese label Obliteration Records released The First Necromancy, a CD that compiled both of their original demos as well as "Metal Mania" from the "To Meet The Storm" compilation.

In 2006 after six months of mixing and mastering No Anesthesia was released by Dirty Sound Records.

Hugo, Carlos and Edison are also members of the Colombian band Nightmare.
Venue Information:
Los Globos - Indie/Dance
3040 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, California, 90026