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Berserktown Festival- Day 2: Hoax, Pharmakon, A Global Threat, The Zeros & more

Beserktown Festival

Berserktown Festival- Day 2: Hoax, Pharmakon, A Global Threat, The Zeros & more

Beta Boys, ruleta rusa, Tozcos, Unicorn Hard-on, Volver, Spray Paint, Poliskitzo, Nuke Cult, Side Effects, Fumigados

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm (event ends at 2:00 am)

Los Globos - Indie/Dance

$18.00 - $20.00

Off Sale

This event is all ages

A Global Threat
A Global Threat
Okay let's see, we, well Bryan, Brett, Tim and Westy started the band in early '97 and released "The Kids Will Revolt" in early '98. That was when The Illegitimates, the band Mike and I were in started playing shows in Maine with A Global Threat, so ya know Bryan and Brett moved to Boston and Tim and Westy couldn't hack it so Mike and I quit The Illegitimates and joined A Global Threat as the new guitarist(me) and drummer(Mike). So we practiced a bunch and started playing shows in the Boston area and we caught on.

Mark from the Unseen took interest in us and he asked us if he could repress "The Kids Will Revolt" since only 500 copies were pressed originally. We agreed and then we embarked on a half-assed tour of upstate NY and western Mass. There our first van broke down and Mark came and bailed us out under the one condition he could join the band. So mark was in, we recorded another ep, called "What the Fuck Will Change?" on ADD Records. We aquired Crusty Jon Bon Jovi of General Strike fame and hit the road for a month long east coast tour. Well everything ruled until we crashed our van in Austin, Texas. So we rented a Ryder truck, cut our losses and drove home to Boston in 2 days.

When we got back we were in mad debt so we hopped on GMM Records out of Atlanta and started work on our first full length. During that time Step-One Records out of England offered to combine our first two ep's to make a full length, we agreed. We finished recording Until We Die and it came out in March of '99. But before we began recording Brett Threat departed from the band, so we found good ole' Gabe Asturd from Pluto Gang fame. Also Johnny was lost in the mix as well so AGT was down to a five piece. After we released Until We Die, Mark decided he would leave the band. We recorded one 7", In the Red with out him and it was one of our favorite releases to date. That came out in the spring of 2000, oh ya we hit the road in December of 99 with fellow boston scrubs the Statistics, what a disaster but a hell of a good time, strippers, coke, thousands of dollars--your typical shit.
HOAX is a hardcore punk band from Western Massachusetts. The band released their demo, which was recorded by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in 2010. Their debut 7" was released on Deranged and Katorga Works. Members were previously in Aerosols and SQRM.
Margaret Chardiet was born and raised in New York City She has been making power electronics/death industrial music under the name Pharmakon for five years. As a founding member of the Red Light District collective in Far Rockaway, NY she has been a figurehead in the underground experimental scene since the age of seventeen. She points out that the environment there amongst so many other experimental artists (amongst them Yellow Tears & Haflings) inspired her to keep making increasingly challenging work. She describes her drive to make noise music as something akin to an exorcism where she is able to express, her "deep-seated need/drive/urge/possession to reach other people and make them FEEL something [specifically] in uncomfortable/confrontational ways." Engineered by Sean Ragon of Cult of Youth at his self-built recording studio Heaven Street, Abandon is Pharmakon's first proper studio album and also her first widely distributed release.

Unlike other experimental projects, Pharmakon does not improvise when performing or recording. She is concise and exact; each song/movement is linear with a clear trajectory. Perhaps more than any other style of music, noise is a genre almost exclusively dominated by male performers. Spin Magazine is apt to point out that her,"perfectionism might explain why her recordings are few and far between—a rarity in a scene where noise bros are want to puke out hour after endless hour of stoned basement jams into a limitless stream of limited-edition tapes. Her music may be as cuddly as a trepanning drill, but it's also just as precise: She glowers in measured silence as often as she shrieks, and every serrated tone cuts straight to the bone, a carefully calibrated interplay between frequency and resistance." The songs on this album were all written and recorded during a turbulent three month time period during which several fundamental life changes forced her to begin living in a completely new way and in a new space. She describes the lyrical themes of this album as being about, "Loss. Losing everything. Relinquishing control. Complete psychic abandon. Blind leaps of faith into the fire, walking out unscathed. Crawling out of the pit."
The Zeros
The Zeros
To quote the L.A. Weekly, "any show by the reunited Zeros is a big deal..." and packed clubs across the U-S, Europe, SXSW and NXNE seem to uphold that statement. The Zeros are playing to a new generation of young and old and its clear there's still something magical about this band, as the iconic American punks return for select dates across The U.S. and Canada.

The teenaged Zeros; Javier Escovedo, Hector Penalosa, Baba Chenelle, and Robert Lopez blasted out of the South Bay suburb of Chula Vista at the dawn of the punk explosion in 1976, and played their first major show the following year at L.A.'s decaying Orpheum Theater, known as the Hollywood Punk Palace. Three bands from that show; The Zeros, The Weirdos, and Germs would become an integral part of the history of West Coast punk, and epitomize its sometimes destructive collision of collective musical passion and personal excess.

The Zeros; original members Javier Escovedo, Hector Penalosa, Baba Chenelle now joined by Mario Escovedo on second guitar and have been tearing up stages up and down the West and East Coast for the past two years. Lopez continues performing as "Elvez" and in Teatro Zinzinni.

The U-K's Domino Records included two songs by The Zeros on a Jon Savage Compilation of the Best of American Punk Rock and Brooklyn based Last Laugh Records recently released two singles by the band and expect news from the band's original label Bomp Records in the near future.

"The Zeros. Though they did not become as famous as their peers in X or Black Flag, this Los Angeles punk band played an equally seismic role in putting that city on the punk-rock map in the late seventies."

The hook-laden garage punk of The Zeros, with influences that ranged from the New York Dolls, Stooges, David Bowie, Velvet Underground, T-Rex, and Kiss to '60s proto-punk bands like the Seeds, Standells, and the Animals, earned them a recording deal with music-magazine publisher Greg Shaw's Bomp Records, which released the raucous single, "Wimp"/"Don't Push Me Around" in '77, followed a year later by "Beat Your Heart Out"/"Wild Weekend."

The Zeros, after relocating in San Francisco, would go on to play at such renowned venues as The Masque, Whisky Au Go-Go, and the Starwood in L.A.; San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens, Deaf Club, and Temple Beautiful; and CBGB and Max's Kansas City in New York.

The Zeros played with The Clash, were once joined onstage by Patti Smith, and even had their gear stolen at New York City's infamous Danceteria. The Zeros have inspired and influenced so many bands. Their songs have been recorded by The Muffs, Hoodoo Gurus, and Mudhoney, and Sator covered "black and white" and it went to number 2 on the Swedish charts.

An opportunity to witness a reunion of such bonafide legends like The Zeros is not to be missed. This is Punk Rock history live and in person...and yea, "a big deal."
Container is the minimal techno project of Ren Schofield of God Willing. God Willing is Ren Schofield, from Philadelphia. He also runs the label I Just Live Here and used to play drums in Dynasty. Occasionally he can be found jamming with Deep Jew.
Unicorn Hard-on
Venue Information:
Los Globos - Indie/Dance
3040 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, California, 90026